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Live a high intensity ski Holiday in Serre Chevalier!

Discover a truly exceptional ski resort ! Located in the heart of the Alps, in the Briançonnais region, the resort we commonly call “Serre Che”, combines the best ingredients for a successful stay. With over 1000 acres of developed ski and snowboard terrain, loads of powdery snow, hundreds of slopes catering for all levels of skiers and an exptionally scenic backdrop, Serre Chevalier has all the required qualities of an exceptional resort.

Comfortably located in the Southern Alps, Serre Chevalier is a totally unique location.

During your luxury ski holidays, this ski resort will startle you with an array of surprises and hidden gems. Between the coveted ski slopes, the stunning scenery and a very large choice of activities, Serre Chevalier combines all the necessary ingredients for a high-intensity stay.

Book a luxury chalet in Serre Chevalier and discover a beautiful ski and winter sports resort.

Located in the Guisane Valley, the resort spreads from the city of Briançon to Monêtier-les-Bains, spanning over 10 000 acres. Coveted as one of Europe’s largest ski resort, Serre Chevalier offers over 1000 acres of developed ski and snowboard terrain Book your luxury stay in Serre Chevalier, and enjoy a ski terrain fit for all. Serre Chevalier offers novices and experts around one hundred slopes, for everyone’s enjoyment. Enjoy the natural charm of Serre Chevalier’s ski resort. For the audacious, the black run, for the beginners and the wise, the blue and green runs. The Serre Chevalier ski domain caters to all levels and allows everyone to enjoy the pleasures of skiing. Over 250km of powdery snow and groomed domain, available for all skiers and snowboarders enjoyment. Serre Chevalier also caters to Nordic and cross-country skiers, with over 35 kilometres trails.

Book a prestigious chalet in Serre Chevalier and get much more than a beautiful place in the Alps : enjoy a truly unique adventure !

With its highest peak culminating at 2830 meters altitude, the ski resort dominates the Southern Alps. Book a luxury chalet in Serre Chevalier and overlook a region of rare natural beauty. Coveted at the heart of the Guisane Valley, the ski resort is well known for its myriad of mountain passes, snow covered mountain peaks and its magnificent landscapes. Located a stone throw away from « Les Ecrins » natural park and from the Italian boarder, Serre Chevalier is full of natural gems waiting for you to discover. But your most precious asset when you rent a luxury residence in Serre Chevalier, is most definitely the weather. With over 300 days of sun a year, it’s almost like the sun never leaves. These exceptional weather conditions, give an opportunity to skiers and nature lovers alike, to really enjoy all the treasures the region has to offer. Between the breath-taking landscapes, the beautiful bright light, and dream powdery snow, perfect for winter sports, all the ingredients are there for your luxury ski holiday to be absolutely unforgettable.

A luxury ski holidays … and much more !

Book a luxury chalet in the Alps at Serre Chevalier,

and enjoy a truly exceptional ski resort, where you can fully enjoy the pleasures of skiing and snowboarding. But the resort also offers a variety of activities. If you enjoy extreme adventures, Serre Chevalier has what you are looking for. Try out paragliding and go for a flight above the Guisane Valley. Take a ride on a snowmobile and find your way though the many mountain passes of the region. Put your helmet on and dash behind the wheels of a go-kart on ice. These multiple winter activities will fill you with lifelong memories of your holiday. When spring comes, and more particularly in summer, you can also try rafting, hiking and even rock-climbing.

Serre Chevalier offers exciting adventures all year long. The resort has many great surprises in store. Book a prestigious chalet in Serre Chevalier, and enjoy unmatched well being. After a full day of skiing or snowboarding, give yourself a moment of peace. Enjoy some relaxing time at the spa or steam room of your luxury residence in the Alps. Whatever your expectations and holiday desires, Serre Chevalier’s wide range of activities will give you satisfaction. What if happiness was as simple as that?




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